Saturday, February 28, 2009

and here's the new home

front view
front room

Different shot of front room


Spencer put in 24 fruit trees, 4 grapevines, and 3 berry bushes.

our favorite part of the home.

Sorry about the delay in getting these pictures up. You know how it is when you move; you lose things. Well, we lost our camera cord (the cord that hooks into the computer--I don't know what that's called).
We have really enjoyed our home. The house is in a neighborhood a few miles out of town on a golf course. We feel like we are in a totally different world. We hear frogs croaking, birds chirping, and have beautiful trees surrounding our home. The other day a bald eagle was soaring above us. It's amazing out here.
We have great neighbors, too. Have you ever seen "Home Improvement", the tv show? On the show, they have a neighbor that pokes his head over the fence and they chat all the time, remember?
We have that too!
Our other neighbors on the other side of the fence told us we were welcome to pick from their lemon tree anytime. Sweet! (I mean, sour!...Ok that was really lame)
You should come see us!


Kristi said...

Beautiful!!! What a huge yard, that is so cool! I'm so glad you enjoy your new home, I can't wait to buy again and plant our roots somewhere that we love and plan to stay for a long time...renting is no fun!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I like the new home. What a good buy. Wish we could come and see you guys. Was even thinking about but the engine blew on our minivan so now we don't have the $ that it would take. Have fun enjoying your home!

J said...

Oh Sarah! It's beautiful. I just love your backyard too!! fabulous!!!

Heath's Great-Grandfather is Logan Goodman ... any relation??

Trent and Mel said...

I love your new home. We drove by it the other day and were very impressed!

Lani Marie Arnett said...

Congratulations! Your home is beautiful! How nice to be putting equity into your own home now instead of renting!

Tyler and Rachael said...

congrats! what a wonderful home and what an awesome back yard!!! how incredible and yummy it will be once all those trees start bearing fruit.

Agnes said...

Holy huge backyard!!!!!I LOVE it! it's a nice home Sara!

Susy said...

Awesome home pics! It sounds like the ideal neighborhood. I can't wait to see pics of all your fruit trees in bloom! How fun!