Sunday, January 4, 2009

we had a holly, jolly one


Santa Claus goes to my church. That's a real beard and he goes around bringing gifts to kids in the area. So you see, we believe in Santa.

Maren is slightly leery of the costume. The funny thing is that she LOVES him when he's not dressed in Red....I don't think she even recognized him.

McKay asked for "a brown horse on a stick"

He even gave Spencer and I a toy!

This is the PetCo Santa--totally non-realistic St. Nick

Yay for family dinners with cousins!

We always do the barn on Christmas Eve. We seriously have the funnest Christmas Eve ever. It couldn't get better. We act out the nativity and sing Christmas Carols in a barn/"stable".
Barn+yummy food+great company= The perfect Christmas Party.
My whole fam was together so this Christmas was wonderful.

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HPitcher said...

can I just say what a stud Mckay is... he looks like such a cutie on your blog header. Looks like a fun Christmas.