Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Colloidal Silver

I had never even heard about this amazing product until Thanksgiving vacation:

Spencer's cousin had a cold and his parents put the silver in his nose to help with the congestion. OK....

Next experience with Silver:

Yesterday, that would be December 16th, I was eating my Raisin Bran and Spencer asked me if my milk tasted OK. I had just finished my bowl and I was a little worried about what on earth he did to my milk! He had a big, mischievous smile on his face. I asked him what's wrong with the milk and he told me nothing was wrong, but to look at the expiration date.
It read NOVEMBER 20th!! That would be one month ago! Freaky!
I asked him why the milk was still good and he told me his Dad had put colloidal silver in it to help preserve it while we were away for a few days.
Well, my milk tasted great and I'm here today testifying of no belly aches.

Third experience:
Taylor sliced her skin open while jumping on a friend's bed and what did my friend, Patty, do? She poured colloidal SILVER on the cut and told me that it will heal anything.

I am amazed. I decided to do some research. Go to this site to learn more about Colloidal Silver.

And if you happen to know anything else about this miracle-remedy, good or bad, could you inform me?

I'm thinking I want some for emergency situations.

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Dquixote1217 said...

Colloidal silver is miraculous stuff! I have a lifelong friend who used his background in high voltage generators to devise a unique production method of making some of the best silver on the planet.

You can visit his website and find a wealth of reference materials about colloidal silver:

And don't worry about turning blue if you take true properly made colloidal silver - it simply does not happen.

See my article which appeared at Natural News, The American Chronicle, The Crusador and other venues:

BTW, I like your family blogsite - it has a good look and feeling about it.

Live long, live healthy, live happy!