Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunbeam Funnies

My sunbeams are always saying and doing the silliest things. Here are today's funnies:

1. Alyssa said the opening prayer. She prayed that the lesson would go by quickly, so that we could then play games and have fun.

2. I was teaching about Christ on the fishing boat in the Sea of Galilee when the storm came and he calmed the water--you know the one. When I mentioned "boat" and "storm", one of my little ones chimed in, "Oh, that's what happened in 'Ariel', too!!"

3. I showed the children a picture of the Christus--the one on Temple Square. "Who is this?" I asked them. One child exclaimed, "Liberty!". No it's not the Statue of Liberty, but good guess. Any other guesses?...

4. Chaye was trying very hard to write her name. She couldn't get it just right--she wrote down an A and a Y and an E. Another child in the class wanted to be helpful so she wrote down a few more letters on Chaye's paper--another A and an H.

This made Chaye very upset. She said, "I already had an A. My name doesn't have two A's.!Now it spells DUMB!"

I love teaching Sunbeams! They sure know how to entertain me.


Sharee and Arthur said...

too funny! Your sunbeams are hilarious. Love the new family picture. (Maybe it's not that new, and I just haven't checked in recently enough.)

aj said...

pure awesomeness.

love the ariel analogy.
and the statue of liberty? classic.

CB and Jenn Allen said...

Oh those are sooooo funny. Thanks for sharing.

Sunbeams are THE best!!

caroline said...

ha ha! thank you for that post-I had a good laugh reading that!! These kids are lucky to have you for a teacher, especially since you can really appreciate their humor. Keep those coming

The Pender Family said...

Chaye is a mixture of her mom and dad... what can I say? :)

Susy said...

I loved teaching the Sunbeams for that same reason! They always gave me a good laugh!

Lindsey said...

Hahaha! "Now it spells DUMB!" Kids are hilarious:)

Corie said...

These are hilarious! You should send them into Reader's Digest. :)