Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taylor's 5!

Grandma's presents...
and Grandma's birthday cake. We are spoiled!
She wanted a purple cat for her birthday, but we could only find this grey cat with a purple ribbon.

I made these cupcakes and took them to Taylor's classroom.

She also loves "footie pajamas", as we call them. I had to find some in her size!

A big Thank-you-for-the-presents hug!

Here she is at school on her b-day.

So Taylor got invited to Brooklyn's (a school friend) birthday party. The date was set for Sunday 12-3pm. I asked Taylor what we did on Sunday. Then I asked her which choice Jesus would want us to make on a Sunday.

My sweet girl, without one word of complaint and without one moment of hesitation, said that the better choice would be to go to church. I was very proud of her.


C and S (Mostly S) said...

Wow! Her birthday was today? For some reason I thought it was on September 4th..oops!

Raena & Seabastian Tellez said...

She is getting so big and beautiful. I hope she had a great birthday!

charlotte and clarke said...

Happy Birthday Taylor(belated, sorry!) we love you SOOO much!

Susy said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! She is getting so big and beautiful! I love the cake it looks so good. On a side note... thanks for commenting on Jacob's blog. He is so excited to see comments. And he does remember you and your family, plus the dog that you had. although we can't remember it's name;-)

Kristi said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! I bet her classmates were stoked! Happy Birthday Taylor! Chandler was also invited to a bday party next Sunday and when I told him he had to tell the little girl that he wouldn't be able to attend because we would be at church he didn't complain at all. What good little kiddos we have. ;)

CB and Jenn Allen said...

FIVE already! It goes by waaay too fast, doesn't it?