Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Night

We try to have a Family Night on Monday nights each week. Now that we have a routine down, my kids KNOW when Mondays come around are anticipating an evening together. First, we have a lesson. Dad gave a little lesson on plants and what they need to thrive.

We have the kids sit on their "cushions". We have found this to be very effective in getting them to stay in one place while we are trying to teach them....although they aren't quite as good at sitting still as portrayed in this picture, I must admit.

Then we sing some songs. Taylor is leading. When she conducts in large movements, we sing as loud as we can, and when she uses small movements, we sing softly. The kids love it.

We went in the backyard and planted a seed. We talked about how to nourish the seed so it will grow. Well, a week later we checked on our neglected seeds and had to talk about the consequences...the soil had dried up and our seeds were "dead".

We usually play a game together. McKay likes UNO the best....although I don't think he gets it yet. And Taylor likes Memory. Maren's usually in bed when we do the game.

Last but not least we always have a treat (that is corn bread and honey if you were wondering). This is a key element to a successful night.

Yay for Family Night!

Oh yes, and speaking of planting, I did plant a very late-in-the-season "garden". I planted at least 10 different things and only two are thriving. Sad. I have to work on getting my thumb green.


Carrie said...

Your FHE sounds fun. I love the picture of Taylor leading the music. She is funny. Remember the garden we had at our little house in Provo? I think all we ever got was a bunch of big squash, but it was fun anyway!

Kristi said...

Good FHE ideas, thanks! Your sweet little kiddos look so happy!

caroline-asay said...

We do the cushion thing too! Works like a charm most of the time. Cute fhe idea!We may have to borrow that one. They look like they enjoyed it :)