Saturday, July 12, 2008

some silly situations

#1: When my brother, Spencer, came to visit he wanted to play "superman" with McKay, but McKay has a serious drooling problem.Problem solved!
#2 Maren got stuck in grandma's small dog kennel. We weren't really paying attention to her until we heard her screaming because, well, she was stuck!

#3 We went to John's Incredible Pizza. This man is a total stranger. Maren kept walking right up to him with her arms up for him to hold her. She's my crazy third child that isn't shy, wonders off, and loves strange men. What am I to do?

This is my good friend Kellie, and her daughter Chloe (and Taylor, of course). They came with us to J.I.P. They moved away now and we are sad!
Taylor loved all the big rides.

McKay was into two things: riding the cars and eating ice cream. It was all business--no smiles.

Chloe smothering her ice cream in her face. Gotta love it!


Christian & Stephanie said...

How fun! I love pizza places like that! There was on in Arizona we used to go to. How fun for the kids!

The Price Family said...

I love these! Especially Maren caught in the cage - so appropriate for children... lol! Okay - I take it back - I love all of these but the one with me in it! Your family is too cute! We miss you! Kellie

Andrew, Amy & Evelyn said...

The McKay drooling solution is HILARIOUS! That made me laugh! What a fun family!

Agnes said...

That was funny about Maren walking up to the stranger and holding her hands up so he could pick her up. Ella is our "most likely to be kidnapped" child. She will be held and comforted by almost anyone. Something about the third child :)
That pizza place looks like fun...Pizza sounds good right now!