Sunday, July 20, 2008

McKay in church

McKay has a difficult time in sacrament meeting. We have had a lot of family night chats on how to be reverent in church.

First of all, I don't think he knows what a whisper is. He talks way too loud.

Today in church the meeting went on forever! (Oh, but we did have the Merced Hansen's visiting and they shared their testimonies . What a great couple. They are in the Fresno Temple Presidency)
When the final speaker finished (about 15 minutes after the hour), McKay yelled, "He's done!". I was out in the foyer with Maren and I heard him! Embarrassment.

And the other day Sister Davis inquired, "How many children do you have again?".


"Is that all? Why does it seem like you take a whole pew?!!"

Thanks. It's because they are all squirming around so much....and we DO take the whole pew.

I'll tell ya, going to church is a real challenge for us. But a challenge well worth it.


J&A said...

ya, but he's so cute!

Kristi & Nathan said...

I know this feeling well...even Nathan has a hard time whispering. I say SSHHH to him as much as I do my kids and then he looks at me like what?!? I tell him that his voice carries but he just doesn't get it. Last Sunday was a very spiritual sacrament meeting, Elder Fluckiger came to speak and my kids were fine the first little bit but then the meltdowns started. I was mortified...I know I'm not the only one whose kids have those "moments" but it sure does feel that way when you are in the midst of it and you want to pull your hair out and crawl under a rock!

Agnes said...

That was soo funny! I'm so laughing right now!"He's Done!"
I also love how you were asked how many children you had. My kids won't sit either. We have to talk about how to be reverent ALL the time! I think we need a whole pew too! We just never get there early enough! Hope you are all doing great!

caroline said...

Sounds all too familiar. Last sunday we sat behind a couple that had 3 little girls 4 and under. It was funny to see exactly the same thing happening right in front of us. At the end the mom apologized to me- which made me laugh because I felt like WE needed to apologize. She said she never even heard our kids even though they were just as loud and busy! I just keep telling myself- it's just a phase that will pass. Only not soon enough- right! :) Thanks for posting this, it made me feel better!

bjarnason family said...

I'm right there with you Sarah. Only I have McKay times 3! There are a few families that we purposefully don't sit by because the problem gets amplified when two families of boys the same age don't help the spirit into the chapel with their behavior. Then there are those families who purposefully sit by us because to them we are "entertaining". At least someone is enjoying our struggles, right?

The Price Family said...

You guys are such animals. We miss you anyway.