Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gifts on Mother's Day

Spencer and I have reached a point in our marriage when I just either tell Spencer what I want for a gift IN GREAT DETAIL, or I'll just go get my gift myself. It's easier this way. I'm not very good with surprises.

So for mother's day this year I treated myself to a mother's day gift that I wanted. You see, I needed a new handbag, but there was no way that my husband could have picked that out for me. Potential disaster.

So Happy Mother's Day to me! Thanks honey! P.S. This is not the actual purse I's just picture 0f a random purse.

PPS (Actually, Spencer is getting better with the gifts and has totally impressed me lately, but someday I'll blog about his rough beginnings when he was clueless as of what to get me)


Sharee & Arthur said...

I'm with you on the gift stuff. Arthur usually wants astronomy equipment that I would totally screw up if I tried to get. So he researches, finds what he wants, and then puts it in the virtual cart for me, so all I have to do is click, "purchase now" and Happy Father's Day to Arthur! I think it's a great system. Everybody gets what they want. :)

Christian & Stephanie said...

That is how Christian and I do gifts also. That way we each get what we want. I want to see this purse. Take a picture of it and post .....please! Oh and I think we have decided to stay in Utah! I am not in the mood to move. We will see and talk to you all later!