Sunday, February 10, 2008

About The Children

Here's a few fun facts about my kiddos!


1. She loves PB & Honey sandwiches.
2. She will do anything for sugar.
3. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite # is 4 (weird), and her favorite letter is T (shocking).
4. She loves books, especially classic tales.
5. She has a very small belly button (remember she was only 2 pounds at birth).
6. She loves babies and little things. When she is pretending she is something, she is always a small somthing.
7. She is super sensitive.
8. Her best friend is her brother, McKay.
9. She wants to be a mom when she grows up.
10. She is just learning how to ride her bicycle.


1. He loves wearing his “basketball shoes”.
2. He calls watermelon, “watermenenenen”. It’s really, really cute.
3. He is a big tease.
4. He is not potty-trained yet. He’s still scared of the toilet and has no interest. Bummer.
5. He is sweet and loves to cuddle with mom.
6. He is stubborn. You can not force him or manipulate him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. 7. He walks really slowly because he's busy looking at everything around him.
8. He frequently asks, “Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?” We went once a few months ago and he will not get it out of his mind!
9. When I put him down for his nap, he asks me to sing him 2 songs, The Calliou Song (from a PBS cartoon, his fav.) and Jingle Bells.
10. He is left-handed.


1. She is up at least once a night to eat, sometimes even four times a night. This must stop soon for her mother’s sanity.
2. She is a GREAT baby, beside what I just wrote about her.
3. She doesn’t have any teeth yet.
4. She likes to put everything in her mouth.
5. Her fingernails grow way too fast.
6. She is my child that has developed the fastest.
7. She likes to pull up to a stand.
8. She can stare you down.
9. She won't take a bottle.
10. She sucks her thumb.

If you read this, consider yourself tagged!


Agnes said...

I have two that suck their thumbs! Mara and Baby Ella...whenever they get tired... :)

Christian & Stephanie said...

Really you can tell what hand McKay is...that is nice because Kadee uses both of her hands about the same...

Kristi said...

It's been 13 days since a post! This was very cute though, btw :)