Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear family and friends,

We have failed to send out cards this year. Maybe next year we will be more on top of things.

We had a great year in 2007. Here are some of our 2007 highlights:

June 9: Maren was born. She was three days early. That sure does beat three months early. We are so, so happy she has graced us with her presence. She is a delight.

September 15: We moved to California to start a new career! We terribly miss all our Texas friends, but we are happy to have our own business. Spencer's is working with his father and is loving it.

...Those are the biggest things that have happened this year. Both exciting. Both life-changing.

Taylor is now 4 years old and doing wonderful. She is learning her alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes.
She is getting over the tantrum stage. Phew! She has always been a nurturing big sister. She's bossy, but she also has the magic touch to get McKay to happily do whatever she wants him to.

McKay is Taylor's shadow. Whatever she is doing, he is in on it too. He is two and a half and talking up a storm. He is all boy. He loves balls, trucks, and trains. He has a sensitive, emotional side, too. He is generally pleasant and fun to be around. He also loves to push Taylor's buttons. He sure is a tease!

Maren is six months old now. She is on the small side, but that hasn't stopped her. She has two older siblings to keep up with!She is almost crawling. She can sit up and she babbles all day long. She has just recently realized who her mother is and won't let anyone else hold her. She clings to her mama and Sarah enjoys spoiling her.

We hope that each of you have had a great year. We loved reading Christmas cards and seeing cute pictures. Thank you!

We look forward to white-water-rafting in May, June, and July 2008. Spencer has his own raft and equipment. There are some great rivers to raft here. Any and all are welcome to join us!

May there be peace and joy and love in your homes and hearts this year!

With love and affection,

The Hyer's


LizzyP said...

You guys are so great! Happy New Year to you, too!

Erin said...

Sarah, what great pictures!! I'm impressed that you could get a family of five ALL looking at the camera. We can't get our family of 4 to do that! Enjoyed reading your letter. :0)

Marcia Mickelson said...

Happy New Year. We didn't send out Christmas cards either. We thought about doing New Year's Cards, but that didn't happen either. Maybe we'll send out some Valentines.

Lani Marie said...

Cute pics of your family! Can you e-mail them to me please? Thanks! Love ya!

~Raggles (Rachelle) said...

Oh my goodness! What cute family pictures. You guys are all so good looking!