Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

We had a very successful Christmas party. Our activites chairman likes to decorate and she goes all out. Check it out. She and the activites crew hung big snowflakes all over from the ceiling.

Look at this center piece! Isn't it adorable? Do you know what this is made out of? Two rolls of toilet paper! Now that is creative.
The theme of the night was "Winter Wonderland".
So my big idea for the night was to have each table make a gingerbread house out of grahams and frosting. This was a fun activity. Every table got really into it! This is Spencer's creation. Like the picket fence?
I liked this one--a gingerbread ambulence. And the missionaries made a gingerbread tree house.This house (or should I say Fresno Temple) won the prize. They even made the angel Moroni on top.

After all the singing classic Christmas songs together, we had dessert and then Santa Claus came! Taylor actually sat on his lap this year. She told him what she wanted for Christmas: candy and a slinky. That's do-able.
This is Taylor's last year experience with Saint didn't go over too well.


Jared and Barbara said...

Very creative centerpieces and the decorations were impressive. I'll have to use the snowman centerpiece idae. great gingerbread houses too. I am so glad TAylor is comfortable around Santa! Love MOM

Spencer & Suzy said...

What a fun night! That made me want to make a gingerbread house. And cute pictures of the kids with Santa. I love the classic "terrified of Santa" picture, and I'm glad she did better this year :)

Jenn said...

WOW!! What a cool ward party!!

~Raggles said...

Wow that is super cute! I love all the fun pictures.

Mikael said...

WOW! Your ward goes all out. Ours was cute, but nothing like that. how fun!