Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scrabble Champion

Spencer and I have started playing Scrabble on Sundays. We both really stink, but it is a game that I can occasionally beat Spencer, so I'll actually sit down and play with him.

Well, Spencer beat me by 13 points this Sunday. Grrr. I couldn't let that be the end. I challenged him to a re-match and we agreed the winner would get a 30 minute massage.

Final Score:
Spencer with 292
Sarah with 317

Spencer, you owe me a mAssage! Cha-ching!


The Marielle (and Parents) Show said...

Could this be Mullen-inspired Scrabble? :) I send you our spreadsheet to keep score if you want. (I know we are the only ones nerdy enough to actually do that!) Congrats on your win and enjoy the massage. I think we'll start that tradition too!

Ryan said...

ummm...you beat spencer at scrabble, huh? well, if i were him, I would take you literally when at the end of this post you said, "you owe me a message." What kind of message do you want? A gospel message?

The Marielle (and Parents) Show said...

Please excuse my husband. He corrects my typos and spelling errors all the time. It all goes back to his spelling bee days! They never should have given him that trophy....