Sunday, September 2, 2007

The case of the chirp and thump

Spencer and I were chatting at the dining room table about two weeks ago. It was about 9pm. The children were all asleep and it was a quiet, relaxing night. Suddenly, we heard this little chirp outside the front door and we heard some object slam into the door. We ignored it. We kept chatting. Well, this chirp and bump kept interrupting our conversations. It sort of sounded like someone was throwing small rocks at our front door so Spencer thinks it is our friends, The Mullens. They love a good prank; they are too much fun. I personally believe it is a baby bird that fell from its nest. Spencer gets a bright idea to open the door to solve the mystery. Bad idea.

He carefully opens the door and looks outside but doesn't see anything so he takes a few steps outside to look for the Mullens then suddenly this gigantic THING comes buzzing into our house. It's the size of a humming bird. It is flying, but it is not good at it. It literally bounces off our walls. I ran into the other room because, well, would you want that thing to touch you, land on you?(By the way I left the baby in the room with the flying thing and Spencer....Spencer made me put this detail in the story)

I was yelling, "Spencer! What is it?!" ,"Spencer, get it out!" , "Spencer, it is ugly"!!

My brave husband grabs a broom and starts swinging at it as if its a baseball and he's at bat. He misses, of course, because this thing is flying everywhere. Finally, he hits it and it falls to the ground and lands on its back. I think now is when I realize it is a locust. At least, I think it was. We push it out the open door and I am saved from the locust. Phew.


Spencer & Suzy said...

uh, garosss! That's scarily and utterly mortifyingly disgusting. We are glad that it did not eat any of your children (especially the baby who you left unprotected). I would have killed that sucker, but you guys are kinder than me. Anyway, we hope things are going well

Rain26 said...

That is horrible. I don't like flying bugs anything else i can haddle but not flying. Sarah i would have don't just the same as you. I can only hope that Sebastian won't run away too. :)

keliajoy said...

LOL I can just imagine! One thought that I had was, "Hey! Eat it and you'll know what Moses's people ate right?"

De Lane and Drew said...

Ugh! It looks like a bat! Glad Kelia has such a good attitude about eating bugs. I had my fair share of them in my food when I lived in Argentina! Perhaps she will too!