Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Mother Lizard

It's Sunday morning (last week). We are getting ready for church, which happens to be difficult with three children. We are ALMOST ready to walk out the door when Taylor finds a little baby lizard on the kitchen floor. She catches it. Poor thing. While this is going on, I am scrambling around the house trying to get all my stuff together and not paying attention to Taylor. We all get in the car and can't find her. She is in her room. I call her to come to the car from the bottom of the stairs and she comes promptly. In the car we have the following conversation:

"Taylor, where were you?"

"Oh, I was putting the lizard in my room because he's special to me."

"Oh. Where did you put the lizard in your room?"

"In my purse because I don't want him to get lost. He's special to me."

"Taylor, the lizard may not want to stay in your purse because he lives outside and needs to eat bugs and he needs to go back to his mother and father lizard."

"No, Mom, I am the mother lizard. I am his mother and he wants to stay in my purse."

I think this is all so entertaining. I was interested to see what would happen after church. Again, I forgot about it. But Taylor, being the mother lizard, didn't forget, and rushed straight to her room after church and opened her little blue purse to find no lizard. The lizard had gotten away. Taylor was upset, but she took it rather well. I just told her, again, that he probably did not want to be in the purse. Maybe she understood.

A few days later we found another baby lizard in our house and she had fun letting it crawl all over her dress. ...........(can you find it?)
I think after Taylor squeezing it so much it finally became paralyzed because it would just sit on her fingers without struggling to get away. Poor lizards. I sure am glad Taylor has maternal instincts. I just wish it didn't have to be lizards and frogs. I prefer Taylor to have stuffed animal sons and daughters.


Jenn said...

that's hilarious!!! cute story, Sarah!

Rig, MiK and Me said...

She'll need to reminded of this story in several years. What a cute story, thanks for posting! :)

charlotte and clarke said...

I love Taylor, what a cute personality! I don't think I could pay Andrew to play with a Lizard.

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Camiseta Personalizada said...
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Stephanie Bjarnason said...

"I am the mother lizard!" So funny! Have been reading "Are You My Mother?" to her.

keliajoy said...

CUTE!! I can totally see all of this happening! I wish you guys lived in UT, then the WHOLE family would be together :) Wow I didn't think we'd ever get that to happen. I'm going to take a roadtrip out to Madera to see Katelyn, Katrina and of course you guys before I leave on my mission so when are you going to CA?

De Lane and Drew said...

Such adorable pets! The kids were so cute with the frog we saved in the pool while I was there. As I recall, McKay had no loss of love for the fire ants that adore him!

You are a funny writter Sarah, keep it up! Love to read about the grandbabies!

Mom Hyer