Monday, July 2, 2007


It's funny how some of the joys in life that we are so fond of relate to our past. The beach, for example, is a place I hold dear to my heart. When I think of beach, I think of family, and happiness, and peace. A beach is so much more than just a beach. It doesn't matter how beautiful or how ugly, I think Sunset Beach in Central California will always be my favorite because it is linked with such great times. However, I love a beach so much, that I can really enjoy any beach, even Texas beaches! We heard so many negative comments about the beaches here, that we were leery to come. But the ocean is the ocean and I love it here, even with all of it's frailties. Welcome to the Gulf Coast! It's breezy out today and the water is wonderfully refreshing, not turn-your-lips-blue freezing--like I am used to!


Christian & Stephanie said...

I grew up going to the Galveston beach. It is nice to see pictures!

charlotte and clarke said...

I agree the beach is awesome, especially if it's not freezing! Happy Birthday Sarah- we love you!!!!!

Jared and Barbara said...

Warm , refreshing water sounds inviting. And you are so right that a beach, is a beach. And yes it brings many memories to me. I think of Sunset beach as well as Naggs Head and the times we rented beach homes right on the beach. Thanks for the memories!