Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I finished the quilt!

When Grammy DeLane was here, she brought a bunch of fun material to make a quilt and burp- cloths for Maren. I finally finished the quilt. It's a bit big for the babe now. Spencer wanted me to make a matching dress and put it on Maren so we could play "Where's Maren" on her new blankey.
McKay will hold Maren for a few seconds and then he's done.
Oh, why are you putting me in this bouncy seat again, Mom?
I took Maren to the doctor for her 2 week check up. She has gained a whole pound! The doctor was impressed. And, thankfully, no one asked me if I were pregnant at this check up.
There's nothing like oatmeal cookie dough! Yum! Thanks Grammy!


Davido & Rachelle Hyer said...

Super cute pictures! You did such a great job on the quilt. I can't wait until we can see you guys again. It has been far too long!

De Lane and Drew said...

Great job Sarah!

I do think a "finding Maren" outfit would be funny. Too bad we didn't add that to the sewing list!

Mum De Lane

charlotte and clarke said...

Sarah you amaze me. How do you have time to sew with three kids. Please tell me what "Power Pill" you take. Maren is beautiful! I loved the story about someone asking you if you were pregnant. A few days after I had Lucy I was wearing a nightgown and Clarke was looking at me with a strange expression. When I asked what he thought so fascinating he said, "Wow, you still look pregnant." He was in the doghouse. :)