Sunday, May 13, 2007

Worlds Best Magician

Soooo, today in church McKay had this purple coloring Crayon. Normally I feel pretty safe with the kids playing with crayons(as opposed to markers or sharp objects). But McKay the previous week had decided to swipe the crayon against the wall in the chapel. Additionally, I looked down and instantly saw purple marks all over my suit and pants. Now, I really had no idea previous to today that crayons could actually mark up clothing(maybe that's the price I pay for buying a cheap suit).

Anyway, I decided I had to take away Mckay's crayon without him screaming or crying or doing whatever else he knows he can do in the middle of sacrament meeting. So I closed my fist and had him stick the crayon down into my hand from the top where my thumb is. I then used my other hand to take the crayon out of the bottom side of my hand. When I then opened my hand McKay was awestruck that the crayon was missing. He spent several moments looking all over the front and back of my hand to see where it was hiding(which was of course in my other hand).

He then picked up another crayon and shoved into my closed fist like I had done with the first. So I used my other hand and pulled that crayon also out from the bottom of my fist. When I opened up my hand McKay was just as dumbfounded as the first time. I then spent the next while making the 2 crayons reappear in my fist and then dissappear again. It was fun seeing Mckay so enthralled with where the crayons dissappeared to and also when they reappeared in my fist.

Taylor, being a bit older, caught on right away that I was just reaching out and taking the crayons with my other hand, but I guess Mckay is just at that age where things like this still work...Fun Stuff!


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De Lane and Drew said...

I have totally enjoyed this story, it makes me laugh everytime I think of it!