Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rainbow Sprinkles

I was outside on the front porch enjoying the weather, watching the kids play. After giving her some warning, Taylor would still not share a ball with McKay, so I put her in the house for a T.O. and left the front door wide open. I heard her whimpering for a minute and then sort of forgot about her for a few seconds. I was compelled to remember her when she came running to the front door and slammed it shut. I looked in the window to see what she was doing. Is she mad? Wait a minute, it is too quiet in the house, a sure sign that some mischief is stirring. I couldn't see her anywhere. I went into the house and found her at the kitchen table. About one fourth of the rainbow sprinkles were scattered across the table. Taylor was grabbing them by the handfuls and shoveling them into her mouth (Note to self: put away sprinkles before child can get to them). She seemed perfectly happy. She smiled at me and confessed, "Mom, I'm eating the sprinkles". I just couldn't be mad. It made me smile and laugh and enjoy Taylor even though she was quite sneaky. She easily cleaned up her rainbow mess and even shared some with McKay!

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De Lane and Drew said...

What a good mom you are Sarah!