Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"No Blood No Foul" or "I plead the 5th"

Sooooo, I was watching the kids today and they were off playing while I was mowing the lawn. After a while Mckay came to the door crying and holding his hand like he was hurt. I went to see what was wrong and Taylor was standing right next to Mckay so I asked her what happened. Instead of answering my question she just said "There's no blood dad". So I repeated my question. Again she answered "Wwweeelll...there's no blood". I then said "Taylor I just want to know what happened". In answer to that she just stared at me in stubborn silence while slightly shaking her head left to right(the universal sign for "NO").

These questions and responses repeated themselves several times before I just gave up.

All this just helped me to realize we've got some rough years of parenthood ahead...


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Spencer & Suzy said...

HAHA...thats funny. Well, not that your daughter didn't answer, but that she was funny about it. Good luck when they're teens. (joke, Im sure you'll both be fine)