Friday, May 4, 2007

McKay prayers

I wish you could all come to my house and hear McKay say a prayer. He is, of course, turning two, and doesn't have the clearest pronunciation. Here is how his prayer works: I will say a sentence and he will repeat the last word of each sentence. "We're thankful for...mommy, Taylor (Tay-tay), new baby (babee), daddy. Thankful for house (howse). Please bless the food (pood), Help us to be happy (bappy), and nice (nice) In the name (name)...of Jesus (zesus)Christ (kiste), Amen (mamen)." It's precious.

My favorite words that McKay attempts to say:
Thank You--a-oo
giraffe --waff
family night--amye nite

I don't want this little guy to ever grow up (although I could do with out the screaming...yeah, he's a screamer...still).

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Clarke said...

Reading about McKay brought a smile to my face Sarah!