Monday, May 21, 2007

The Blog Police!

Sooooooo, Let me start out by saying that when I call my G-ma Andrus I never tell her who it is. I normally just start talking like she should know its me and after about 1/2 a minute she'll stop and say "Is this Spencer?" and then I'll confess it's me.

G-ma just started her blog on mothers day(well she didn't actually do it, My Sis in Law Rachelle did it for her). Now, I've noticed that G-ma hasn't yet used it, not even once. Sooooooo, when I called her she answered the phone and I said "Yes mam, this is the blog police" and the conversation went as follows:

G-ma: "The what?"

Me: "The blog police ma'm"

G-ma:"(Silence)....Oh...Ok...How may I help you?"

Me: "Well, I was just reviewing your Blog and noticed that you have not posted anything yet."

G-ma:"(Now speaking quickly and very worried)....Oh, well you see, my daughter opened one for me for mothers day and I haven't been able to figure out how to do it yet, and...

Me: "That's not a very good excuse ma'm, you need to talk with someone and get this corrected immediately."

G-ma:"Oh, Well...You see... my granddaughter and my daughter Delane did this and..."

Me:"(Laughing Hysterically) Grandma, it's me Spencer!"

G-ma:"oooooh, you really got me good(Also laughing...Not to mention VERY relieved)"

Needless to say, I've got some pretty good Grandparents...Although I'm sure there are better grandchildren out there in abundance. (I'm still laughing, but maybe you just had to be there).



keliajoy said...

That's really funny! I can totally hear it like it's really happening! Poor g-ma.

Raggles said...

Spencer...that's awesome!

Christian & Stephanie said...

Okay I can see how she would believe that. I mean have you read all of those stories she writes. Oh by the way...I have a mission for you and Sarah.....I'll email it to the both of you!

Robbie said...

Anyone having any "Follow the Prophet" flashbacks? I know I am...

Rhea Hardy Andrus said...

I am and have certainly been trying to respond to the great gift from Rachelle and DeLane of my own personal blog. Unfortunately, my email account is through comcast and after some detective work I found out comcast does not recognize either comcast or google or blogs. When I talked to the comcast experts they asked me what a blog was. Even I was surprised about that since even I knew what a blog was before I had one. So I am taking a chance of writing a response to Spencer and Sarah's comments or the blog police. The police could not help me through the problem, but I suppose they are to busy now with the parent's visits and the arrival of the new baby. June 4th Gma Good luck on the baby

De Lane and Drew said...

Poor mom, can't seem to find a way to blog. We will have to find some way to help her, just as soon as I have time to figure out how to add pictures to mine!

De Lane