Thursday, May 3, 2007

2 Taylor Stories

So I thought I'd share the latest Taylor stories with you. She says funny things all the time, but I can never remember. So I should start writing these down.
Story #1:
I bought Taylor and McKay a swim "noodle"(you know, those styrofoam, long skinny flotation devices) for summer time in Houston. By the way, swimming is the only summer time outdoor activity you can do here. Taylor, as always, chose a PINK noodle and McKay chose orange. Taylor and McKay had fun the first day chasing each other around the backyard and bonking each other on the head. If you were to see the noodles now, Taylor's is placed in the house to protect it from the dogs chewing on it. McKay's is thrown on the garage floor with chunks missing--personally, I believe McKay munched his noodle himself.
So, a few weeks ago, late April, I happened upon Taylor and McKay in the backyard beating our tree with their noodles. I asked Taylor what she was doing and she told me. (Remember, this is after Easter and we had many talks about the resurrection.) She said, "Oh, we're killing this tree and it will go to Heavenly Father and Jesus and they will make it alive again."
I guess she understood the concept that we are all going to live again, and even hypothesized that the trees would live again too.

Story #2:
We had great times with Aunt Kelia coming to visit us. We appreciated so much her coming to stay with us and help out and we even had some playtime. We went to Sea World, the Houston Aquarium, the Houston Opera. Good times.
Well, Taylor loved having Aunt Kelia here, but for some reason she throws more tantrums when people come to visit. I can't really explain why, maybe just because it's a big enough change to cause some commotion in Taylor's life.
One night, Taylor was throwing a tantrum about something ridiculous (can't remember could be anything from not wanting to share a toy with McKay to crying because here plate isn't PINK or doesn't match her shirt). Spencer, who cannot tolerate a good tantrum, said two words to me, "Drama Queen". Now I have to back up a bit to help you understand Taylor's response.
Taylor loves Disney's Lady and the Tramp. When I call her name she typically will reply, "I'm not Taylor, my name is Lady". And when I ask her to pick something up for me she'll say "Oh, I can't do that because I'm Lady; I have paws". (Excuses, excuses). Ok, so back to the tantrum.
Taylor is on the floor pretending to be miserable and when Spencer called her a "drama queen", she stops crying and replies, "I'm not a queen, I'm Lady". Then the tantrum continues.
What a funny daughter I have. Never a dull moment.


Clarke said...

What funny stories! It really makes me miss you guys :( , but now that we're moving closer maybe there's a better chance of seeing you :)


Davido & Rachelle Hyer said...

Sarah, you sure are fun. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family more through these blogs. Thanks for inviting us to participate. I love hearing the fun stories of your children and your surroundings.